Thursday, 31 May 2012

Newcastle Subway Sign

There's a big trend for subway/Tube/trolley bus signs lately and I love them.  I'm a bit of a typophile, so this was something I HAD to make, with places in the Newcastle area.  There are quite a few tutorials around, some are really long and complex, starting with building a frame, covering it, using a Cricut or other die cutting machine to cut all the letters from vinyl, masking, painting.....why make things so complicated?  I can't remember which blog I saw the method I used on, but this was the easiest by far!

  • I Photoshopped the sign, printed it on two A4 sheets 
  • I glued phone book pages to a £1 30x40cm canvas (♥ Poundland ♥) for texture.
  • Painted the canvas black.
  • Mod Podged the two sheets to the canvas and trimmed the excess off the bottom.  Let it dry.
  • Sanded it lightly to distress it.
  • Gave it a light wash with watery brown acrylic paint.
  • Job done!
I realised after I Mod Podged it that I really should have stained the white writing before hand, maybe with an old teabag, but no matter.

(My photography skills suck!  I could not get a picture of this that wasn't blurry!)


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