Thursday, 5 April 2012

Old book & butterflies Easter egg decorations

Here are the Easter decorations I made for my parents' "seasonal" tree.  They have an attractive array of twig branches which they started using at Christmas, but have decided to keep it up all year and change the decorations with the seasons.  So I've made eggs (polystyrene from Poundland), decoupaged with old book pages, given an enamel spray coating and crackle glazed butterflies attached.  I made half a dozen of these, boxed in an egg carton with the writing hidden with scrapbook paper.

Sorry the photos are so bad, I never get the lighting right and using my phone to snap probably doesn't help!


  1. Oh Clare love these and what a fab idea. Never thought of using book pages. Do you think bigger eggs would be cool too? Have had them knocking around a while! Briliant.

  2. Thank you very much! Yeah I can't see why not Julieann, try it and see, you can always decoupage them with something else if you're not happy with them. I imagine bigger eggs would probably look really good with a cluster of smaller butterflies stuck on! Post a pic when you've done them! :D


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