Thursday, 29 December 2011

TIDY(ish) Desk!!!! (My Budget Crafting Room)

My budget craft area
Spot the under-desk hook for my heat gun?
Yes, my desk is now TIDY(ish!) and no, I won't be changing the name of my blog lol!  (Somehow I doubt it'll last long, although I REALLY do want to turn over a new leaf and keep it reasonably organised.  I've had to put everything together on a really tight budget...well, pretty much NO budget!  I've made do with a lot of things I already had, used Freecycle, eBay and have re-purposed some things.  I got the desk (solid wood with pullout keyboard shelf) for FREE from Freecycle!  The shelves I already had, the printer's tray was the most extravagant purchase (I fell in love with them the first time I saw them and knew I had to have one!) and even that was a bargain (£14) from eBay!  The wooden desk drawers (Ikea Moppe) were a Christmas present and I look forward to decorating them at some point in the future.  This stores my punches, texture plates, stamps (I don't have many at the mo), packs of embellishments and embossing powders.

On the shelves I have little jars to hold brads, beads, glass stones etc.  Some of the jars I already had (they were cheap at Ikea) but others are just empty sandwich spread glass jars (which I actually think are prettier than the Ikea jars).

"A place for everything and everything in its place!"
Thanks to Christmas gift vouchers I now have some magazine files and boxes to keep my papers, cards, scraps and saved recycling tidy.  I've hung my printer's tray up on the wall (it had been balanced on my desk), the few ribbons I have are on card spools in the printers tray, along with other little odds and sods.  I hung an Ikea rail up to hang my scissors and tape on and I've used a small wooden rolling pin hanging from it to hold my jute twine.  I've got 3 metal plant pots for pens/pencils, tools and paint brushes, my Promarkers are in tin cans (which I'll get round to decorating) and you can't see, but my trimmer and wipes are on the pullout keyboard shelf of the desk.   I've got a vintage suitcase (£5 from eBay!) under the desk which I intend to do up with nice fabric and use it for crops, but for now it's storing my dies, paper and felt.  I also have another nice wooden box under my desk (given by my Dad after he drank the three bottles of port it held!) which hold all my distress pads.

I feel SOOOO much better for having a more organised work area.  It may not be beautiful and I still need to get more folders, small boxes and shelves up, but it's getting there and I'm feeling really excited to get crafting!


  1. Looks Great :) As soon as i tidy, i want to scrap and then that makes a big mess again!

  2. Your space looks great - love the lime green!

  3. I've done a couple of journal entries since this and so far I've been good and tidies as I've gone along. It makes it so much easier!

    Aw thank you Rosie! The colour in the photo is a little deceptive, but it is pretty bright!

  4. Well done! I love the printers tray!

  5. It looks really lovely. Hope you manage to keep it that way, i know I can't

  6. love your scrapping area, so organised:) i couldn't organise a p up in a

  7. I love that printers tray Clare


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