Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Craft Materials Sources

I'm quite new to crafting and spend a LOT of time browsing blogs, tutorial sites, Youtube instructional videos and craft forums. One thing that I've noticed (and am guilty of already) is that crafters LOVE to hoard! Whether it's tools or materials, we all seem to HAVE TO HAVE things stockpiled for who knows what project at some point in the future.

Obviously, many things are quite expensive and costs add up incredibly rapidly when you just have to have the latest decorative paper pad, or a decorative brads in every colour and size!

For a beginner crafter it can seem quite daunting to see what more experienced crafters have made with things they've bought from craft suppliers. But you don't HAVE to spend a fortune to be able to craft.

Whatever your financial situation, you can benefit from taking a second look at things you have around you and making use of things you may have thrown away or re-purposing items.

I thought I would create some lists of free and cheap materials sources you may not have considered. Crafting really is about using your imagination and creativity at the end of the day. So be crafty! ;)

Glossy magazines,
Cereal/chocolate boxes,
Old greetings cards,
Buttons from old clothes,
Fabric from old clothes,
Broken jewellery (beads, chains, ribbons),
Toilet roll tubes,
Plastic bottles,
Glass jam/pasta sauce jars,
Empty thread spools,
Shoe boxes,
Plastic packaging.


I like to use brown parcel paper to gift wrap presents. As well as being super cheap, it has a natural vintage look, especially when you use string or baker's twine around the parcels too. It can be embellished in so many ways, I always have some in.

Go to alternative sources for many craft shop items (eg, haberdashery shops, office supplies, Wilkinsons, Poundland, DIY stores, Ebay...).

Charity shops: picture frames, jewellery, clothes, books, toys....allsorts! Once you start crafting, every bit of someone else's "tat" you look at you'll stop and think for a while what you could possibly do with it! Charity shops are treasure troves!

Primark: fabrics, buttons and jewellery can all be repurposed from the super cheap clothes there. Look on the sales racks where often you can get items for as little as 50p

Ikea: Ikea have lots of really cheap little items that can be used in craft projects. Picture frames, boxes, candles, vases, jars, fabric...

Make your own brads, flowers, papers, ribbons and buttons: I'll be posting more on these separately, so stay tuned!

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