Monday, 5 December 2011

Braided Glow In The Dark Dog Collar

My sister's dog is all black so as you can imagine, it is almost impossible to see in the park when she walks him on these dark winter nights. That's why I made this from glow in the dark cord. It isn't paracord (although you can get GID paracord), it's a bit thicker at 4.76mm (ideal for a dog collar) and I got it from Ebay for about £5 for 15 metres. I have loads left over so I may use that to make a knotted toy for him (monkey's fist).

The knot used is called the cobra weave. There are LOADS of tutorials on making cobra weave paracord bracelets, some using two colours.

Since a dog collar is bigger than a bracelet, I obviously had to estimate the right amount of cord. Based on the suggestion of using 14 inches of cord per inch of required "bracelet" I used 210 inches and had about 24" remaining to trim off. With this kind of thing it's better to have too much and trim off than to run short.

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