Thursday, 8 December 2011

Apologies (Framelits Template Download)

Sorry, I had no idea the download link for the tickets template I posted yesterday was broken (thank you Pam!).  It works for me, but I think that's something to do with Google Docs share settings.  Anyway, I'll fix it asap and post an update when it's done.

I actually had a thought after I posted yesterday, the templates would have probably been crisper if made from scans of CUTS from the dies, not scans of the dies themselves!  D'oh!  And there I was thinking I was being clever hahaha!  I thought I'd make further Framelits templates with cuts, but I'm going to take this opportunity to remedy the tickets download too, so it won't just be a case of fixing a link.  I'll have them up by the end of today though.

Edit: Template files updated and download links working again.

I also have some Christmas ticket digital designs which I will share soon, I'm not happy with them just yet, but soon.....
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