Monday, 12 December 2011

100 days to improve my life

No craft or Photoshop post today, but a personal one (although the day isn't over yet! lol).  I saw this post through Pinterest, 60 ways to improve your life in 100 days.  I had a good read of it and have to say, although some of the suggestions don't apply to my life at all, many of them are very sensible and small changes that I KNOW would improve my life and happiness if I could see them through.  So I've decided I'm going to start making the little changes in my life.  Afterall, if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always had!

Now, I know the list is a long one (I was thinking "do ALL those things?!  Where do I start?!"), it does appear a bit overwhelming, but it did help to copy & paste the list into Word, delete the irrelevant ones then arrange the suggestions into headings that make more sense.  For me, this was to arrange them into:
  • DAILY CHANGES (such as a de-clutter a day, eat 5 veg, get 20 mins exercise, read a bit, etc)
  • GENERAL CHANGES (only take cash to the shops, make a budget and stick to it, keep a notebook with you at all times etc)
  • CONSCIOUSNESS (changes to your way of thinking, such as writing down thinks you're grateful for, surrounding yourself with positive and inspiring images, the mantras for keeping things organised etc)
  • RECORDING & PLANNING (plan meals and menus, shopping lists, record weight and body measurements)
What was a huge list of changes to make is now separated into a more managable plan.  I have now started creating my 100 things to de-clutter list (boy, do I need it!), 100 small jobs to do around the home and creating menus.

I think perhaps the author's main message that it only takes small changes, done regularly to make positive improvements to your life is slightly lost with their article being so long and quite complex.  I'm also certain that you don't have to make ALL 60 of the changes to feel the benefits and it is probably easier to start with one or two aspects of your life and then when you feel they've become habit, look at making a couple more changes.

I was once told that it take 6 weeks for a new behaviour pattern to become a habit (a behaviour pattern so engrained that you stop thinking about it and just do it).   And I have a LOT of bad habits to break!  So once you conquer one bad habit you can switch your focus to a new one.

At the moment I've got to admit I'm at the planning stage.  I know that Xmas will sabotage a lot of my efforts in some areas, so I intend to start after the festive season (though I refuse to call these New Year's Resolutions, they're just resolutions!).  But I intend to:
  • Start Weight Watchers again (I reached goal in February last year, but with an eventful year and subsequent depression, re-gained a lot of weight this year).
  • Exercise daily.
  • De-clutter an item category per day.
  • Only take cash when I go shopping and take a list with me.
  • Write a list of things to be grateful for every day.
  • Do an odd job in my home every day.
  • Have a place for everything and keep everything in its place.
  • Remind myself to live my own life and stop comparing mine to others'.
  • Keep a notebook by me at all times and use it! well as making some decorative items to hang on my walls with positive mantras.  I struggle with negative thought patterns, so visual reminders of positive thoughts will be a help for me.

I'm also going to make a nice decorative board for my weekly menu planner and weight chart!

And in case anyone wonders, once I conquer my terrible messiness and disorganisation, I WON'T be renaming my blog! :D


  1. Good luck-I should do something like this!

  2. Good luck! I should do this too, lol, made so many 'resolutions' at the start of the year, but the years gone by so quick and got none of them done!


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